What you need to know about COVID-19

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What you need to know about COVID-19

While it would be wrong to panic, it would be equally wrong to dismiss the situation or take it lightly.

To give you a sense of why we should take this seriously:

In Italy, 10 149 cases have been reported with 631 fatalities. Italy is experiencing a total shutdown – no more attending schools or universities; all soccer matches cancelled; no nightlife. You need permission if you want to travel outside of your area. The healthcare facilities, one of the best in the world, simply cannot cope. The death toll jumped by 100 people in one day (Monday). Globally, 121 503 cases have been reported, 4 383 fatalities and thankfully, 66 912 patients have recovered.

There have only been 17 cases reported in South Africa and we all hope that the situation is contained. However, we can see how quickly the virus can spread so please educate yourself by reading through the links below:

What should employers do?
Hard Facts
The dangers of misinformation
What to do if you think you have it?

Please note:

  1. Effective immediately SEB will be halting the use of the Biometric system.
    This will be effective until further notice.
  2. Sanitisers will be purchased and placed all around the building.
    Please ensure that you make use of these sanitizers.

We thank you for your support and cooperation.


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