We travel far and wide

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We travel far and wide

Convenient “mobile offices”.

Our mobile team of employee benefit educators travel far and wide to meet our fund members where they are, in whichever way is most convenient for them. Much of this is made possible by our “mobile offices” – vans that are fitted with everything required for our agents to provide members with service and support, managing queries and claims, on site.

“Having the mobile office allows us to escalate any issues that are raised with us during our outreach sessions from there and then. Concerns can be about contributions or claims, and this way questions can be sent straight to the relevant teams in the main offices for quick attention and resolution. This goes a long way to showing members and stakeholders that the organization we are working for values and respects them.”

Savie Mahlangu – Mobile Client Liaison officer KZN (left) and Sipho Dinwa, NBPSS Agent (right)