We can do this together

Salt EB

We can do this together

The events of the last days have left many of us shaken as South Africans face yet another challenge off the back of COVID-19, economic distress and political uncertainty.

We will all have our own views as to why these events have unfolded in such a dramatic and destructive way. To get a sense of things, let’s note what David Attenborough had to say about ants.

If you place red ants and black ants in a jar, nothing will happen. They’ll live in harmony. But if you shake the jar, they’ll attack and eat each other.

Salt EB prides itself on the diversity of our team. Irrespective of different cultures, we are bound together by our purpose of making the world a better place for our members and fellow Salties. In this, we aim to be a microcosm of how South Africa can be. The desire to build Salt EB into a dream company drives our every move.

We have seen of late, articulated so well by Attenborough, how a few can shake a jar and cause disharmony, chaos and destruction. President Ramaphosa has said that South Africans are better than this, and he is correct.

Bringing this analogy closer to home, let us always be mindful of maintaining our discipline and keeping our jar safe as a place where all of us can flourish. There are only a few who have disregarded Covid-19 precautions; a few of who abuse company data and resources (more on this later), and a few of us who shake our jar for selfish purposes. We have, and will continue to, manage the ‘jar shakers’ vigorously.

Salt EB

Let’s keep on believing in the South African dream despite what we are seeing unfold around us. Let’s stay focused on the Salt EB dream, with each positive action that we take collectively and as individuals, bringing the goal closer to us.

Once again, South Africans are faced with overcoming obstacles as our dream beckons siren-like with outstretched hands, reaching out for us. Let’s stay focused and let no shaking of the jar discourage us.

Stay safe Salties!

Kind Regards