Unemployment Learnership – Halfway mark

Unemployment Learnership

Unemployment Learnership – Halfway mark

And so, we reach the end of the first 6 months of the Unemployment Learnership.

Salt Eb started an Unemployment Learnership in February 2022. The learners have now completed 6 months of the Learnership.

The following business units have been covered:

  • Call Centre
  • Claims
  • Contributions
  • Section 13A
  • Section 14
  • New Business

The learners were challenged in each department. The most popular business units so far with the best feedback were Claims and the Call centre.

Some Feedback from the Learners:

“I would like to say that out of all the departments I went to, claims, section 13 and the call centre are where I got the most practical exposure.” – Nsuku

“New business- I enjoyed the process of how the business comes to Salt, and I also loved the idea of interacting with members to sell the business.” – Phathutshedzo

“I love the Contributions department as it is more practical work, and it is mind challenging…” – Hlulani

Thank you to all the mentors and managers who formed part of the first 6 months.

The Learners still have some challenges such as:

  • Fund Accounting
  • IT
  • Data
  • Client relations
  • Legal

We would like to congratulate the learners on completing the first 6 months.

Keep working hard and going the extra smile.

Meet our Learners

Unemployment Learnership

Top: Left to right
Phathutshedzo Salani
Celles Simmers
Nsuku Baloyi

Bottom: Left to right
Hlulani Chabalala
Mbali Maseko
Hlawulo Shivuri
Tumelo Moorosi