The union of our brand and company values

Company Values

The union of our brand and company values

What is the difference between Company and Brand values?

Company values.

Company values are determined by the company. It is about how you want to be as a company and how you want your people to be, laying the foundation for what the company cares about and believes in. So, Salt Employee Benefits company values have to do with desired behaviour throughout the organisation.

Our company values are:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency, and
  • Community.

In many respects, these company values are expected. For example, the company would not get far if they lacked in Excellence, Integrity and Transparency. Nonetheless, company values must be noted and understood by all employees because this is what the company stands for.

Regarding ‘community’, with over 600 000 members our members are essentially our close community. It however goes much wider than that and two notable examples of this value included the national food distribution roadshow during COVID-19 and more recently, the establishment of ROOtZ in Philippi Village.

Brand values.

Brand values are experienced by the customers but influenced by the company in the way that you through service relevance, the way that you deliver your services, and how you communicate and interact with your customers.

Salt EB’s brand values are:

Independence – we have 600 000 members, but each is unique. As an independent company, we respect that uniqueness.

Liberated – as an independent company, we can make our own decisions (within the Act), and this provides some freedom for our customers.

Open – This deals with transparency. We pride ourselves on our member communication which is experienced all of our members.

Committed – We average 15 000 claims and successfully manage about 35 000 call centre resolutions each month. Our members must feel our commitment.

Creating this ‘feeling’ does not happen by chance but is directly influenced by:

  • Process innovation
  • Modern technology
  • Relevant training and development
  • Recruitment process
  • Exacting performance standards
  • Ease of doing business with us, and a
  • Caring and open culture.

The way that go about this is directly informed by our company values, forming the union between company  and brand values.

Arising from our company and brand values is our strapline of Going the Extra Smile. This simple line means  that during and after any transaction or engagement with us, the member must be smiling. Everything that  we do culminates into the simplicity of 4 words!


Reshna Ramgovind
Head: HR & Communications.