Salt Employee Benefit

The ‘softer’ side of returning to office

The call to return to the office was a jolt for many Salties, myself included, but it was a good call at many levels.

Apart from the traffic grind, it meant dressing up and getting to see and interact with Salties again which was a big positive.

“One of the most important aspects of office work is the ability to show sincere care and compassion to colleagues. If you’ve heard that a colleague has gone the extra mile, it’s easy to stroll over to their desk and show appreciation. Or, should one notice that a colleague is struggling emotionally or with completing a task, you can provide spontaneous encouragement and support”.

Theoretically, compassion and care can exhibit in a remote environment but it’s not the same and it is seldom spontaneous. In a remote environment, it is also difficult for a manager or supervisor to gauge emotions because you’re not in touch to notice nuances or progression.

“The world has changed but what hasn’t changed is the need for caring and compassion”.


Reshna Ramgovind
Salt Employee Benefits.
Head of HR & Communications