The all-time most important business discovery.

Performance management

The all-time most important business discovery.

Accountants will point to the ubiquitous spreadsheet. Marketers will dispute this and espouse the brand, those siren-like demigods invented long before the excel spreadsheet.

Of course, IT will talk about the computer. Salespersons will say that they are without doubt the greatest tool because without them you would have no money to count, and no budget for brand development and technology.

As an HR professional, I could be biased but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the Performance Management process is the greatest business tool invented. I know that Performance Management can be a bane for many people and the HR sector is trying hard to popularise or reposition it through renaming it (e.g. Talent Enablement, Career Management etc) but whatever models and names emerge, Performance Management remains the key to achieving organisational goals. It is the only tool that consolidates the actions of ever y person and discipline behind a common purpose. Powerful!

Salt Employee Benefits takes the performance management cycle very seriously and supports the process with extensive communications and management oversight. Irrespective of their diverse roles, each Saltie understands what they need to achieve in 2024 so that their collective performances converge into an optimal experience for our clients and members.

Reshna Ramgovind
Salt Employee Benefits
Head HR & Communications