Salt’s Value Proposition

Salt Employee Benefits

Salt’s Value Proposition

A value proposition describes the reasons why people buy from you, often transcending the intrinsic or functional features of products and services.

Salt Employee Benefits has five aspects of its value proposition.


Salt Employee Benefits is privately owned which means that it can manage any fund irrespective of the fund manager. We adhere to the provisions of the Pensions Fund Act of 1956 but independence gives us the agility to make or change operational decisions for the benefit of our members and company overall.


With over 600 000 members relying on us, managing performance standards is pivotal to our business. Each employee knows exactly what is expected of them and our performance standards management programme is robust, dynamic and consistent. It forms the hard edge of our commitment to making our members smile.


Our people mirror the diversity of South Africa and our products and services are closely matched to their needs. Part of staying relevant and contemporary is making sure that our people and processes fit what we are aiming to achieve, and our independence (see point 1) gives us agility to achieve this.


Salt Employee Benefits serves our members according to how they would like to engage with us. Our members can access us via our website, call centre, walk-in centres, SMS, App and even mobile units.


Trust is earned through the quality and transparency of communications. We pride ourselves on the quality of communications whether that be through providing informational collateral, regular newsletters, or going into the field and talking to our members at their workplace.

The fact that we provide excellent products and services is almost secondary to the way that we deliver the services to our clients and members.

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