Salt EB’s leadership in perspective

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Salt EB’s leadership in perspective

What makes Salt EB South Africa’s leading independent retirement fund administrators?


The first rule is the understanding that it is one’s clients and members that lead, and the acceptance that one follows their needs, not vice versa.


The second realisation is that is that people deliver the promise of service to members and clients. While Salt EB is a technology and process driven company – essential with over 600 000 members and 15 000 claims per month – it is our people and associated suppliers who design, build and manage cutting edge technology and streamlined processes.


It may well have been a company vision to become South Africa’s biggest retirement fund administration company, but the brand vision was simply to go the extra smile and make our members smile when engaging with Salt EB. This kind of simplicity creates purpose and clarity.


The acceptance that all employees – we call them Salties – are intertwined and collectively deliver our vision, both at company and brand levels. Salt EB has an unfaltering approach to performance management. It is one thing getting staff buy-in to a vision but the true test is one’s ability to make sure that every Saltie is delivering their piece of the puzzle.


It goes without saying that leadership plays a driving role, steering the way forward. Journeying towards a vision is not a straight line. Along the way we have seen operational restructuring, fresh faces and the innovation of technology and processes. The journey continues”.

Reshna Ramgovind
HR & Communications Executive.