Reading this can save lives

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Reading this can save lives

Following earlier communication to you regarding preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will be reinforcing our communications to you and keeping you up to date as this unprecedented situation unfolds. Please note that we will also be advising our clients regarding how we will be safeguarding their members and our plans to provide continuity of service. It is therefore mandatory that you read and take note of COVID-19 communications so that we can deliver on our promise to members and also respect your colleagues’ well-being.

Please be sure to read Point 3 as these are directives and not discretionary.


Salt EB’s business continuity planning and co-ordination will be headed by myself and will include a monitoring, planning and advisory team of:

NAME ONE: Kevin Anthony
NAME TWO: Naaz Khan
NAME THREE: Wimpie Vermaak

They will also handle any questions that you have. It is important to note that they may not provide any medical advice (please refer to your GP or the NCID or the Centre for Communicable Diseases) but you will need to advise them should any of your staff or their family members test positive for COVID-19.


We have 4 management phases in place which includes:

  1. Stage 1. Information & Awareness (Activated already and ongoing).
  2. Stage 2. Training & Preparation (Activated now).
  3. Stage 3: Advising of measures to follow in the event of the first case confirmed within our business environment, including the client interface areas. This includes any confirmed cases amongst Salt EB staff.
  4. Stage 4: Contingency plans to ensure continuity in the event of staff having to work remotely.

Depending on how the situation escalates, some stages may take place simultaneously.


These directives take place with immediate effect.

  1. Staff who have not visited or been exposed to a high risk area and had no contact with anybody diagnosed with COVID-19 can continue to work at their current workplace.
  2. Staff who have visited or been exposed to a high risk area during the last 14 days – irrespective of whether you are feeling symptoms or not – must avoid contact with others and stay at home (for at least 14 days after returning to SA).
  3. All local or international travel plans must be re-assessed by the relevant line manager.
  4. Staff who have been to a risk area and developed any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (according to WHO and NCID, this includes fever, muscle pain, cough, sneeze, diarrhea or similar) must avoid contact, stay at home, contact a doctor or call the NICD Helpline on 0800029999. Then, contact a member of your line manager and / one of the COVID-19 team.
  5. If your temperature is 37. 5° C alongside flu symptoms, stay at home and inform us, accompanied by a Doctor’s note.
  6. Should you be diagnosed with COVID-19, you must self-isolate. You may not have any physical contact with a Salt EB colleague. You may only return to work if you have a medical certificate advising that you are fully recovered and cannot cause contagion.
  7. Posters will be provided shortly to be displayed in office areas to remind and prompt staff of safe practices.


  1. The same directives covered in Point 3 apply to client interfacing staff
  2. Avoid direct contact – no shaking of hands or hugs with member customers. Nothing!
  3. Visitors to wash their hands with sanitizer on entering the premises.
  4. Counter tops to be sanitize-wiped regularly throughout the day, after each member interaction.
  5. Members to retain a distance of 2 meters from serving staff. Draw a line on the floor to indicate the (relatively) safe spot.
  6. Staff to wash their hands with sanitizer on numerous occasions during the day.
  7. Staff are not under any circumstances to provide medical advice or give an opinion on COVID-19 which might cause the member to pursue a certain course of action.
  8. Should a member mention that they are feeling unwell or experiencing certain symptoms, staff must ask them to contact a doctor or the NICD Helpline 080002999.
  9. Posters must at all times be displayed in client interfacing areas, covering: Symptoms & NICD Helpline, 2 meter distance, no contact requirement.

Please note, clearly understand and adhere to these directives. We are dealing with an unprecedented situation and to avoid the pain experienced by countries such as Italy, we need everybody to commit to playing their role in reducing the spread of COVID-19. We have now completed Stage 2 of our preparedness. While we will continue to inform and educate you, please also take responsibility by visiting reliable websites such as and

Warm Regards,