Outsourced Fund Management

Fund management

Outsourced Fund Management

Investment managers ideally want to focus on making great investments, not side-tracked by the demands of administration. Outsourcing Fund Administration takes care of the heavy lifting and allows investment managers to focus on their core competencies.


The outsourcing of fund management to professionals has become increasingly accepted as investment managers look for ways to improve efficiencies, access current technology and concentrate on core competencies without distraction.


In-house fund management teams need office space, talent, technology, and continuous training. Focus costs on your core investment business.

Our Retirement Fund Management and Client services.

  • Standalone or umbrella solutions.
  • In-house and / or 3rd part administration.
  • Comprehensive benefit structures.
  • Integrated administration system.
  • Management of multiple benefits, pay-points and collections.
  • Investment risk profiling and benefits design.
  • Comprehensive human resource support.
  • Service level managed workflow and escalations.
  • Member education and support.

Three Pillars of Salt Employee Benefits fund administration service. :

Administration: Assisting our clients’ finance, HR and payroll departments with retirement administration.

Members: Members have access to online benefit statements and receive regular communications, including world-class retirement education. Easy access to our Call Centre reduces member queries to employers.

Compliance: We ensure that our funds and its trustees meet all statutory and fiduciary obligations. Our monthly reports detail service levels compliance.

Salt Employee Benefits effective co-ordination of these three components ultimately delivers optimal retirement fund administration. Being independent, we offer impartial advice to fund consultants and clients directly regarding the appropriateness of benefit structures.

Salt EB currently administers over 620 000 members. Members have easy access to Call-Centre, Walk-In Centre and Website platforms for convenience.

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