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Two-pot System: Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

The activation of the Two Pot system later in the year will help beleaguered South Africans but can also impact on their retirement savings…..

Two-pot retirement system presents a compelling case to outsource fund administration

Apart from the current benefits of contracting employee retirement funds to specialist fund administration companies, the two-pot retirement system….

What is the two-pot retirement system? Who is it for?

The two-pot retirement system is a reform that will allow retirement fund members to make partial and managed withdrawals from their retirement fund before retirement….

The optimal outsourced solution

Salt Employee Benefits, which currently services over 600 000 members, removes the burden of administration and the complexity of changing legislation by offering….

Enhanced app for members

Improvements to Salt EB’s Member Portal has taken transparency to a new level when it comes to transparency, accuracy, and convenience for pension fund members….

Two-pot retirement system: A balanced view.

The introduction of the Two-Pot retirement system on 1 September 2024 brings with it a number of concerns, most notably the potential erosion of retirement funding in a country….

Introducing Bianca S. Moyo

Bianca S. Moyo is a seasoned Communications professional. With over 10 years’ experience in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Bianca’s career has spanned….

Benefits of outsourcing pension fund management

Managing a retirement fund is onerous and any reduced oversight through stretched resources adds an unwanted layer of risk. Increasing pressure on costs and time….

A smile.

Can you imagine a company where processes and systems are designed to make their members smile? Where our people are selected, trained, and managed to bring a smile to people’s faces?…..

The all-time most important business discovery.

Accountants will point to the ubiquitous spreadsheet. Marketers will dispute this and espouse the brand, those siren-like demigods invented long before the excel spreadsheet….

Consulting services for retirement funds

We partner with small businesses and large corporations, helping them to focus on core business, reduce risk and offer the best possible retirement fund…

What could change in 2024?

What could change in asset and pension fund management in 2024? Salt EB’s Head of Business Development Wimpie Vermaak discusses 5 top-of-mind shifts….

Subject matter experts.

After cherry-picking talent from our ITI Learning Academy and put ting them through rigorous training, our SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) are ready….

Don’t let burnout ruin your holiday.

It’s been a long – short year. It’s holiday time but for many, the year has taken its toll. Are you feeling burned out?….

Benefit Counsellor app steps up!

In our drive for continuous improvement, Salt EB – South Africa’s leading independent employee benefit fund management company – enhanced its member app “Benefit Counsellor”….

From the over-indebtedness hole to a crack at successful retirement

Salt EB’s Business Development Head Wimpie Vermaak believes that one way to encourage South Africans to save and be more confident about retiring is to help them out of over-indebtedness.

What you need to know

A pension fund withdrawal payout can be a time of high expectations for members and beneficiaries which is quite understandable….

Being there matters

One of Cape Town’s poorest suburbs, gunshots can be heard daily, and murders, robberies, and carjackings are everyday occurrences…..

No ‘we’ or ‘them’. Just ‘us’.

Salt EB strives to provide quality service to our members but sometimes we admittedly slip. We’re also very reliant on our clients helping their employees to complete claim forms accurately….

Update your nomination of beneficiary form.

Before you blink the year will be over. For many, much has changed in 2023. A s you close the year out, take a few minutes to consider….

Claims team claim the cup!

We hope that the Bokke claim the RWC cup because Salt EB’s Claims team are right behind them in their kit supplied by Eddie. Bokke!! Bokke!! Bokke!!

The capacity, willingness & opportunity to save for retirement

According to the South African Treasury, only 6 out of every 100 South Africans will be able to retire comfortably. Further….

Gender Equality & Women’s Day

Recent reports from institutions such as the United Nations, McKinsey’s and Kantor reveal that since COVID, gender equality has regressed…..

How are my beneficiaries paid if I die?

The benefit is paid to your dependents or nominees as determined by the Board of Trustees, providing an important control to ensure that…..

What happens to my funds if I have not decided what to do with my benefits?

A pension fund or provident default fund allows the member to leave their accumulated retirement…..

What deductions get made from my pension fund withdrawal benefit when I leave a job?

Deductions can depend on whether the benefit is transferred to another retirement fund or paid out in cash. The fund administrator must….

How long does it take for my withdrawal benefit to be paid when I leave an employer?

our employer’s HR department plays an important role in the processing and payment of withdrawal benefits. They will guide you through….

How can I claim my withdrawal benefit when I change jobs?

Complete and sign the withdrawal notification form provided by your HR department. Submit the form to your HR department….

What happens if my employer fails to process my pension withdrawal documentation?

Your employer is obliged to complete and submit the claim forms to the fund administrator….

What can cause delays in a pension fund withdrawal payout?

All fields on the withdrawal form are not completed with the correct information. As you can imagine, the fund administrator can only process….

Safe in the hands of Salt EB

Our ROOtZ aftercare school facility is keeping children safe, warm, fed and happy in the school holidays.

Important changes to pension laws

Newsflash! TWO-POT SYSTEM 1 MARCH 2024 Implementation. July 2023. Are you aware that the pension laws in South Africa are….

A positive future for employees

Employees with benefits are more likely to feel valued which can lead to loyalty, improved productivity, and higher job satisfaction….

Salt EB Press Release: 21 April 2023

SALT Employee Benefits (SALT EB) has noted recent media reports which state that a wholly unrelated company – Salt Asset Management….

Why an umbrella pension and provident fund?

In a tight economy many companies are looking for greater cost-efficiencies across the board, including in the retirement fund….

Funeral Fund Administration

In various forms, Salt Employee Benefits has offered funeral fund administration services for over 60 years. At a time of grief and having….

Salt’s Value Proposition

A value proposition describes the reasons why people buy from you, often transcending the intrinsic or functional features of products….

Outsourced Fund Management

Investment managers ideally want to focus on making great investments, not side-tracked by the demands of administration. Outsourcing Fund….

Salt EB’s Learnership Programme

The wonderful thing about learning is that when you grow those around you also grow. Congratulations to the Salties selected to….

NQF4 and Learnership Programme

Congratulations to the graduates of the Salt EB NQF4 Management Course and Learnership programmes. We are particularly proud….

Legal and compliance services

The pension fund administration sector is complex and rightfully so, highly regulated. As South Africa’s largest independent pension fund….

Consulting services for retirement funds

Salt Employee Benefits offers excellent employee benefit solutions through innovative products and services, assisting both small businesses and….

Load shedding and your mental health

As far back as 2019, reporter Mandy Weiner commented that load shedding had made us anxious and on edge, permeating every aspect….

The union of our brand and company values

What is the difference between Company and Brand values? Company values. Company values are determined by the company. It is about how….

Introducing Merilyn Kana

Merilyn joined Salt Employee Benefits as a Specialist: HR & Communications in December. Let’s dive straight in. What did you do before….

Beneficiary services

Salt Employee Benefits provides client services to Beneficiary Funds, designed to preserve a minor child’s benefits following the death of a….

Lighten the load with funeral benefits

After Japan, China and Germany, UK insurance provider SunLife’s 2020 study found South Africa to be the fourth most expensive place to die….

Salt Employee Benefits Funeral Fund

With over 60 years of administering funeral benefits, Salt Employee Benefits offers compulsory funeral cover to employee or affiliated….

Valentine’s Day for our finance team

Salt EB’s Finance team celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. Sweet treats to match their beautiful smiles!

Uplifting informal traders and micro businesses

SETA, SLM and Salt EB’s ROOtZ programme in Philippi hosted 90 informal traders and micro business in November. So many South Africans….

Getting it right

The pressures of a globalised business world and a depressed economic environment make it imperative that businesses utilise precious….

Avoid the holiday debt trap

Holiday season is here. Time to chill. And shop. And spend. Given the state of the global economy and the impact it is having on most South Africans….

The ‘softer’ side of returning to office

The call to return to the office was a jolt for many Salties, myself included, but it was a good call at many levels. Apart from the traffic grind….

Getting your loved one home

Dealing with the death of a family member is traumatic on its own, but it becomes harder when you need to be transport a deceased loved one….

Backing the WFO model

Salt Employee Benefits Head of HR and Communications Reshna Ramgovind says that the decision for all staff to return to office in October….

Salt EB’s leadership in perspective

What makes Salt EB South Africa’s leading independent retirement fund administrators? Purpose. The first rule is the understanding….

A force to be reckoned with

Ntoshang Chabedi is an Internal Auditor by trade. She joins Salt Employee Benefits as Manager: Risk and Compliance with almost….

Unemployment Learnership – Halfway mark

And so, we reach the end of the first 6 months of the Unemployment Learnership. Salt Eb started an Unemployment Learnership in February 2022….

Making retirement and risk benefits accessible

President Ramaphosa believes that the growth of our economy will be sustained by small businesses. How can corporate South Africa help SMME’s….

Introducing Advocate Thulare

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Advocate Matome Thulare as an Independent Consultant to Salt EB. Working in the key Legal….

ROOtZ launch in the media!

The launch of the first ROOtZ in Philippi Village was welcomed by the community and stakeholders in equipping and developing the youth with skills….

Fund training in Mpumalanga

Meeting our Transport Sector Road Freight members. Our fund training roadshow took us to Mpumalanga to meet with our Transport….

Empowering our members

Training members on funds and benefits. Did you know that only 3% of South Africans have sufficient pension savings to live comfortably off them….

We travel far and wide

Convenient “mobile offices”. Our mobile team of employee benefit educators travel far and wide to meet our fund members where they are….

Bringing back smiles

Listening to members “Working in the field is not always easy. The people we meet, including fund members, union officials, and even employers….

On the road with Tandiwe!

“Our roadshow programmes are so important because the number one challenge we encounter is a lack of knowledge about how the funds operate….

Nominating your dependents for unapproved group life and funeral benefits

Following changes to the Insurance Act, the definition of ‘beneficiary’ has been amended and employees may no longer determine….

The smile behind the emoji

Salt EB’s culture is based on Going The Extra Smile, quite refreshing for a serious but very human player in South Africa’s pension fund….

Red is the colour competition winner

Congrats to Motshabi! Motshabi Lenkoe walked away with the Valentine’s RED IS THE COLOUR competition prize. A surprise date….

Brenda’s swell date


The story of 16 December

As we enjoy our first December public holiday, it’s worth a short history lesson as we get to understand the significance of this day….

Get it done.


MMA Fun!

An hour well spent! A few Salties took up the opportunity to get into the cage with ex MMA fighter and Manager of the Call Centre….

Honouring Salt EB’s Graduates

NQF Level 4 Basic Management qualification. COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from honouring Salt EB’s graduates earlier but….

Salt EB’s new disciplinary policy

In an effort to improve staff compliance of Covid-19 safety protocols, Salt EB has been forced to introduce the harshest of corrective action….

Congratulations on joining our team!

New appointments. As Salt EB continues to attract amazing talent, we extend a warm Saltie welcome to all! LESIBA JAN KGOSANA (JAN) Jan joins….

Let’s get creative

We’re inviting ALL Salties – men and women – to enter the fun but meaningful BEST WOMEN’S MONTH POSTERS competition….

Alison Botha wows Salt EB!!

Salt EB’s premier Women’s Month event was awesome as Alison Botha inspired over 100….

Women’s Day at Salt EB

What to look forward to in August  

Eid Ul Adha

As we celebrate the diversity of our country and indeed our company, let’s wish our Saltie Muslim’s….

We can do this together

The events of the last days have left many of us shaken as South Africans face yet another….

Promotion for Beauty

The promotion of custodian Beauty Sewela to Receptionist is going to make a lot of people smile very widely! If you know Beauty, you would think that the name was created just for her….

Food feeds hope

HUMAN RIGHT’S DAY The world celebrates Human Right’s Day on March 21st. In South Africa, we remember with pain the merciless killing….

The significance of the Day of Reconciliation

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DAY OF RECONCILIATION While we hear of so much polarisation in South Africa….

Announcement: COVID-19 Second Wave

– Essential workplace protocol. – Compliance to policy and legislation. – Process if exposed or infected. – Summarised announcements…..


Invisible disabilities. December the 3rd raises awareness of people with disabilities globally, particularly those with invisible disabilities….

When the stars come out

1. SMILE WHEN THE STARS COME OUT. Announcing the Bursary Awardees and the Saltie Award Winners. Our company is like the….

How we made a difference

You’ve heard a lot about how we’ve been helping to fill hungry tummies over these last months. Here’s a short video of Salt EB out in the field….

Let’s not lose sight of AIDS

December 1ST is World AIDS Day – please wear a red ribbon to support those living with aids and to remember those who succumbed to AIDS….

Salt EB cannot change the world but we can make a difference

In association with Rise Against Hunger, Salt EB once again joined the battle against hunger. We provided funding for 50 000 meals which….

Come shine or rain

Salt EB continued feeding the hungry as Simone Strydom and I visited the small community of Bloemendaal, just outside of Port Elizabeth….

Female boxers get support from Salt employee benefits

In the spirit of women’s month, Salt Employee Benefits recently supported the plight of local female boxers by donating food and….

Salt EB Food Hampers Reach KZN

We completed another food drive in Lotus Park, KZN on Monday, delivering food parcels to over 500 people. The compassion and drive shown by….

LOCKDOWN – The key is turning. Slowly.

Last night’s announcements from President Ramaphosa brought some warmth for many but the smokers are still out in the cold! The….

Answering the call

Our fantastic Call Centre team is back in action! The day started with: Protocol of temperature testing Registering their presence and temperature….

Salties at Home

Salties working at home during lockdown.

You can have a great future – if you don’t touch your pension or provident funds

COVID-19 has changed the world forever. Frequent use of hand sanitisers, facemasks and virtual meetings via Zoom or Teams are just a few….

Help us to help others

Salt EB will be playing its role to help those households impacted most by the COVID-19 lockdown by supplying food parcels….

PSSPF Member Poster – Benefit Counsellor

WANT TO SEE YOUR FUND BALANCE? Click here to view the Poster

PSSPF Member Poster

Dear Valued Member, In pursuit of the objective of adhering to the national directive of the Government of South Africa in curbing the….

SMS to be sent to Member NOT registered on Benefit Counsellor

The wording has to be broken into two separate messages due to the length/amount of characters. SMS Part One Dear Valued Member….

COVID Update – Nationwide Lockdown

Dear Valued Member, In pursuit of the objective of adhering to the national directive of the Government of South Africa in curbing the….

COVID Update – Nationwide Lockdown

In pursuit of the objective of adhering to the National directive of the Government of South Africa in curbing the spreading of the Corona….

Salt EB PSSPF Joint Communique

Dear Sir/Madam In pursuance of the objective of adhering to the directive of the government of South Africa of managing the control….

Covid Update – Nationwide Lockdown

Dear Sir/Madam, Salt EB is committed to assisting South Africa stop the spread of COVID-19. This pandemic is unprecedented and we are working….

Covid – Precautionary closure of Johannesburg Member Service Center

Over the weekend of 21 March 2020, management of the Salt Employee Benefits Fox Street Member….

Covid Update – Salt EB Call Centre

Dear Sir/Madam, Further to our communication on 20 March 2020 regarding the Salt Employee Benefits call centre, based at the Central….

Covid Update – Social Distancing

Dear Sir/Madam, Salt EB is committed to assisting South Africa stop the spread of COVID-19. In order to meet this objective, Salt EB has….

COVID-19 Preparedness

Salt EB is very aware of the important role that we play in taking care of our staff, members and stakeholders. We have therefore appointed….

Keep your distance!

SOCIAL DISTANCING 101. Keep your distance. Social distancing is a strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the….

Reading this can save lives

Following earlier communication to you regarding preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will be reinforcing our….

What you need to know about COVID-19

While it would be wrong to panic, it would be equally wrong to dismiss the situation or take it lightly. To give you a sense of why we should….