LOCKDOWN – The key is turning. Slowly.

Salt EB

LOCKDOWN – The key is turning. Slowly.

Last night’s announcements from President Ramaphosa brought some warmth for many but the smokers are still out in the cold!

The lockdown phase out seems to have changed somewhat with Stage Three not quite getting to Stage Two as widely anticipated. The lockdown key is turning too slowly for some but it could be a case of erring on the side of caution. Lockdown decisions must be the toughest any leader has had to make.

After 83 days in lockdown the good news is that there are more people recovering than those that are infected. However, please do not become complacent – COVID-19 will be with us for some time to come and it has yet to peak. Many of us know of people who have become infected or sadly, passed on. COVID-19 is more real today than it was 3 months ago so let’s be extra careful!

The big news from President Ramaphosa last night was the lifting of some restrictions on personal care and restaurants among others but these measures still need to be promulgated so let’s see what exactly this entails. Again, please be extra careful out there!

What has lockdown meant to Salt EB?

While it has naturally had some impact on our business, we have all been part of a new Salt EB which has emerged. We have shown a new maturity and agility working remotely. We have shown courage and commitment as some of us returned to work. We have shown compassion and bravery as we ventured out to feed those less fortunate than ourselves. I think that we have all discovered something new about ourselves as individuals. But together, we have experienced the most surreal, tragic and extraordinary time in history. The real tragedy of COVID-19 and lockdown could be if we, as a company and as individuals, wasted an opportunity to grow and make a difference. We have some way to go before we can reflect on this period in our lives but we can be proud of where we are today.

Stay safe!

Warm Regards,