Keep your distance!

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Keep your distance!


Keep your distance.

Social distancing is a strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. While all efforts and precautions are being taken in the workplace, observing lifestyle changes in your social or personal life can also make a big difference to limiting the spread of the disease.

Should I avoid public places?

Make an effort to avoid public places if you cannot stay 2 metres away from other people. Stay home as much as possible. This measure greatly reduces the chances of spreading COVID-19.

What about shopping for essential items?

Go to the store early in the morning or during off-peak hours to avoid crowds. Home delivery is a better option than face-to-face interaction at your store. And try to dissuade friends, family and colleagues from panicked bulk-buying. We are all in this together – most people can only buy on payday and face empty shelves.

Having friends over?

The idea behind combatting COVID-19 is to decrease the size of gatherings while increasing the distance between people. Consider minimising your social gatherings.

What about events scheduled well in advance?

If possible, try to postpone large gatherings to a later date. You will know by now that gatherings exceeding 100 people have been banned by our Government for very good reasons.

I’d like to still go to gym though.

If you have to but observe the distance rules. And be prepared to do lots of disinfecting. The surfaces you touch. Wash your hands before and after you work out. Don’t touch your face during workouts.

Can I visit my elderly parents and relatives?

As hard as it might be, try to limit your visits and if you have to, keep your distance from the elderly. They are in a high risk COVID-19 category. If you decide not to visit, stay in contact with them by phone or Skype and other media they might have access to or be comfortable with.

We are all in this together – but it’s best to keep our distance!

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