How are my beneficiaries paid if I die?

Pension fund

How are my beneficiaries paid if I die?

The benefit is paid to your dependants or nominees as determined by the Board of Trustees, providing an important control to ensure that the right people benefit.

The prescribed duty of the trustees is to find and identify your dependants and nominated beneficiaries. Once ascertained, the allocate and pay the benefits fairly.

Those nominated by you as beneficiaries are naturally considered during this process.

When completing your beneficiary nomination form it is therefore essential that you clearly explain the reasons for nominating a beneficiary who is not a dependent.

It is equally important that you review your beneficiary nominations.

If you do not have any nominated beneficiaries, the benefit will get paid to your estate.

To safeguard your interests, there are several important and binding Acts and Regulations which legislate the way that Salt Employee Benefits and your Employer manage and process claims. When completing a claim document, ask your HR department to assist you to complete the forms correctly and answer your questions. We also have a client contact service to assist you further.