Help us to help others

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Help us to help others

Salt EB will be playing its role to help those households impacted most by the COVID-19 lockdown by supplying food parcels.

Question: How can YOU help us to help others?

Answer: Just let us know who you would like us to help and we will consider the submission. At this stage the criteria for food parcel assistance from Salt EB involves people or families who have lost their income as a result of lockdown and desperately need to put food on the table.

This can include:

  • Your own immediate family if your partner or spouse has lost their job.
  • Wider members of your family circle who cannot feed themselves (and your circumstances prevent you from assisting them).
  • Salt EB members, where you have become aware of their desperate plight.
  • Members of your community where you know there is an urgent need for food.

We know that we can count on you to only submit names of those who really need help and to distribute this communique accordingly to all that may benefit.

This initiative will extend across South Africa, targeting one city per month over a period of 6 months.
– Durban
– CT
– Bloemfontein
– Mafikeng
– Port Elizabeth
– Johannesburg / Pretoria

To submit applications, simply complete the following details (see below) of the people that you’d like to help and mail to

– Full first name and surname
– ID numbers
– Full addresses
– Cell number

Please note that any applications sent direct to Reshna’s email will not qualify.

You may submit multiple names.
Once the submission is approved, we will make contact with the recipients of the food parcels and arrange delivery.

Please DO NOT advise the intended recipients of your submission for them as it needs to be approved by Salt EB first.

True to our brand promise, we would like to give a small smile to some people who really need it. Please let us know who you would like to help and if you would like to help as well!

Warm Regards,
Eddie Strydom and Reshna Ramgovind