Funeral fund administration

Getting your loved one home

Dealing with the death of a family member is traumatic on its own, but it becomes harder when you need to be transport a deceased loved one home from a different province.

It is important to have burial repatriation included in funeral cover as repatriation can be a costly expense. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as booking a flight because there is so much more to consider such as ensuring that all documents are correct and that religious and cultural aspects are adhered to, among others. Most importantly, you want your loved one to be treated with dignity and respect by professionals who care.

At a time of high unemployment, South Africans move frequently to towns and cities in search of opportunities and having a funeral plan with repatriation benefits recognises this economic reality.

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Salt Employee Benefits has provided South Africans with funeral fund administration services for over 60 years, providing compulsory and voluntary options which include: Extended family cover, claims management, customised solutions, repatriation benefits, and continuation options.