Gender Equality & Women’s Day

Women's Day

Gender Equality & Women’s Day

Recent reports from institutions such as the United Nations, McKinsey’s and Kantor reveal that since COVID, gender equality has regressed.

“As a father of four daughters and with Salt EB’s staff compliment consisting mostly of women, I find this regression concerning. Taking a stand against gender inequality might seem political to some, but it’s about having values. As we celebrate Women’s Month, let’’s take the time out to think about our attitudes and values as we can and must reverse this regression”, says Salt EB CEO Eddie Strydom.

Salt EB’s new values journey ‘Wear Sunscreen’ is all about living in the shoes of others. When you do this, you tend to recognise your own vulnerability in others and in doing so, you start to treat them as you would yourself.

Head of HR & Communications Reshna Ramgovind believes that having empathy for others can trigger a positive change in attitudes.

Ask yourself:

“How would I feel if made to feel second-best?”
“How would I feel if I was ignored or disrespected?”
“How would I feel if I was being hurt or abused?”

“We’ll be celebrating Women’s Day at Salt EB in a fun and uplif ting way but at the same time, we know that our new values journey can play a role in promoting gender equality, not only within our company but as our Salties spread our values approach wider”.


Reshna Ramgovind
Head of HR & Communications
Salt Employee Benefits