Fund training in Mpumalanga

Salt EB

Fund training in Mpumalanga

Meeting our Transport Sector Road Freight members.

Our fund training roadshow took us to Mpumalanga to meet with our Transport Sector Road Freight members. The team filled the members in on how to make use of – and benefit from – the revolutionary Counselor Benefit app, as well as to address any concerns members have might have.

Salt EB invested in the development of Benefit Counsellor online portal, which allows any fund member to check the status of their funds at any time of the day, from their phones or any other online device. If an employer has failed to make their monthly contribution, the employee can pick it up immediately by checking the app. Members can see their savings balances and receive counselling in real-time to make the best and most informed decisions to safeguard their financial health.

It is our focus and priority to empower fund members to play an active role in the monitoring and management of their savings, and to provide clear and efficient support to them throughout the process.

TSRF seminars are organized and managed by Zama Machunu, Salt EB Client Liaison officer.