Covid Update – Salt EB Call Centre

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Covid Update – Salt EB Call Centre

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to our communication on 20 March 2020 regarding the Salt Employee Benefits call centre, based at the Central Park offices in Midrand, wherein three of our employees had showed potential symptoms of the C19 Virus. 

The process that we followed to ensure a safe environment for our staff and to mitigate risk to all others was; 

  1. The immediate closure of the call center. 
  2. Medical assistance requested for the three employees. (One employee was assisted via an ambulance service whilst the 2 others were assisted via family members) 
  3. The remaining staff from the call centre were dispersed and then advised to remain at home until such time that we had received feedback re. the health and/or positive or negative test results of the three employees.

It is with comfort that we advise that all three employees were cleared via their medical consults as showing symptoms of the common flu and anxiety and sent home with the necessary medication to manage.

The necessary precautionary measures however are being taken to ensure a thorough clean and sanitizing of the call centre and we expect to resume full operations by 9am on 23 March 2020. 

We remain committed to both our employees and the continuous servicing of our clients. 

Mr. WE Strydom 
Chief Executive Officer