Risk benefits

Bringing back smiles

Listening to members

“Working in the field is not always easy. The people we meet, including fund members, union officials, and even employers are at times angry and suspicious of us. In those moments, the key is to just listen, listen, and listen some more about what they have to say. Sometimes they have a valid reason to feel frustrated, and in those situations, I make it my business to do whatever is necessary to resolve their concerns. But most of the time, their doubts about the future of their hard-earned money are unnecessary and based on misunderstanding.

We will talk for as long as it takes to answer every question they have, providing all the information they need to be assured that their fund is treated with integrity, and handled with the greatest care and responsibility. We show them that we are not visiting here for leisure or entertainment, but to help. We will definitely bring back a long-lost smile.

I care about their future and do my best to encourage members to save their money to sustain them after their retirement age especially during these challenging times of Covid19 and economic crisis. The greatest moments for me is when members breathe a deep sigh of relief and say thank you Mr. Mahlangu.”

– Savie Mahlangu, Salt EB Mobile Client Liaison Officer in KZN.