Benefit Counsellor app steps up!

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Benefit Counsellor app steps up!

In our drive for continuous improvement, Salt EB – South Africa’s leading independent employee benefit fund management company – enhanced its member app “Benefit Counsellor”, improving user experience and further promoting transparency, accuracy, and convenience.

The enhanced Benefit Counsellor allows members to:

  • Check fund balances.
  • See contribution history.
  • View benefit statements.
  • Download forms.
  • Receive benefit counselling.
  • Find out more about further benefits.
  • Ask questions.
  • Get rewarded for referrals made.
  • Earn further rewards by working through our Edu system.

The simplicity of the Benefit Counsellor app belies the sophistication of the back end where Chat Bot, WhatsApp, and Salt EB’s website among others work in tandem to provide a quality user experience for members. The analytics gleaned from the app enables Salt Employee Benefits to gain new insights and enhance the platform and services.

Wimpie Vermaak
Head Business Development.
Salt Employee Benefits