Being there matters

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Being there matters

Philippi is no place for fair-weather CSR types.

One of Cape Town’s poorest suburbs, gunshots can be heard daily, and murders, robberies, and carjackings are everyday occurrences. Syndicates extort money from government contractors and even the dustbin services have withdrawn from the area.

So, what is Salt EB doing there?

For all the above reasons! It’s about providing hope.

ROOtZ star ted as a safe after-school haven for children. It evolved naturally to also supporting learners, helping youngsters to f ind employment and more recently, empowering the informal sector to grow their enterprises.

During COVID times, Salt EB’s chairperson (then the CEO) Eddie Strydom and Head of HR & Communications Reshna Ramgovind embarked on a national road trip to feed hungry communities, unravelling Eddie’s vision for ROOtZ along the way.

The ROOtZ team works closely with community leaders who appreciate the considerable value that Salt EB brings to Phillipi’s youth and entrepreneurs.