Backing the WFO model

Salt EB

Backing the WFO model

Salt Employee Benefits Head of HR and Communications Reshna Ramgovind says that the decision for all staff to return to office in October follows months of consideration.

“There are appealing cases to be made for the WFH (work from home) and WFO (work from office) models. The middle ground hybrid model works well for some but is challenging to manage.   Ultimately, one has to run with what is good for the company and employees. One also needs to consider where a company is in its particular cycle and what is needed to sustain that stage”.

Salt Employee Benefits has undertaken a process of continuous improvement over the last four years or so and introduced effective operational structures and cutting-edge technology while attracting exceptional new talent. The positive changes are best served by having employees together, growing, learning, and feeding off each other.

“It is natural for people to want to work from home, but we also noticed a sense of isolation which can lead to anxiety, loss of natural social interaction and the need for ‘me time’ which the office environment brings. There are studies which suggest that productivity has improved in the WFH space but if this comes at the cost of family time, mental health or burnout, the gains in productivity can prove to be counter-productive”.