Announcement – New CEO and Chairperson Appointments at SALT Employee Benefits (Pty) Ltd

Salt Employee Benefits

Announcement – New CEO and Chairperson Appointments at SALT Employee Benefits (Pty) Ltd

28 July 202

Dear valued clients, partners, and stakeholders,

Salt EB announces the appointment of Advocate Matome Thulare as Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  effective 1 September 2023. Adv. Thulare’ s appointment follows an extensive engagement process  to ensure a CEO who is able execute the strategic imperatives of the Salt EB board of directors and  bring a client-centric mindset to the role.

Advocate Thulare has a long and proven track record and brings with him a wealth of experience in  the financial services sector. He is an admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and was  appointed as the Deputy Pension Fund Adjudicator in 2020 by the Minister of Finance and served in  this capacity until 31 January 2022. This role enhanced his already extensive understanding of the  retirement and pension funds sector and the governance thereof. He also has a demonstrated track record within the regulatory environment of the financial services industry having spent over 19 years

at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in various capacities in the pension fund and financial  advisory and intermediary’s services departments.

Adv Thulare practised as an advocate, specialising in pension law, and served as a Section 26  independent, appointed by the FSCA to several retirement funds with the mandate to return the funds  to statutory compliance and enhance good governance. He has an excellent grasp of the complex  regulatory issues involving retirement funds, having served as a principal officer, chairman of the  board and independent trustee.

We are confident that under Adv. Thulare ‘s leadership, SALT EB will reach greater heights as an  innovative and unique benefit administrator, putting the interest of members first. He will continue  to build upon the good work achieved so far and prioritise regulatory compliance and stakeholder  relationships.

Salt EB also announces the appointment of the Chairperson of the Board, Mr Eddie Strydom, who is  stepping down as the current CEO. To ensure a smooth transition, Adv. Thulare will be working closely  with Mr Strydom during the onboarding process, as he transitions into his new role as Chairperson of  the Board. We have every confidence that this process will be seamless, and we are excited about the  opportunities that lie ahead.

We firmly believe that with these appointments, SALT EB will continue to thrive and remain at the  forefront of our industry. Their insights and leadership will undoubtedly steer us towards new  opportunities and strengthen our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients and  stakeholders.

Please join us in congratulating Adv. Thulare on this well-deserved appointment and we wish him the  very best in his new role.


Eddie Strydom