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We aim to be a truly empowered, credible and sustainable financial services business that delivers value adding services to our clients.

Salt EB Employee Benefits

Brand and company values

Company values

We are serious about developing and recognising our staff (Salties), empowering them to “Go the extra smile” each day and make our members and clients smile.

Our company values include:

Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


Community is important to Salt EB, understanding that our “family” extends beyond our company. We are involved in various CSR programmes. The distribution of food hampers to hungry communities throughout South Africa in the midst of lockdown was arguably our most challenging but rewarding programme.

Brand values

Our brand is built on the simple premise of “Going the extra Smile” in order to make sure that our members and clients smile when engaging with Salt EB.

Salt EB’s brand values are:

Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


Salt Employee Benefits


We believe that in a world which is becoming increasingly transactional and clinical, everybody deserves a place where they can be happy.

Salt EB Employee Benefits


  • In various forms, Salt EB's track record stretches back to 1953.
  • Administer over 620 000 members.
  • Average 15 000 claims per month.
  • Average call centre resolutions pm 35 000.
  • 6 400 pay points.
  • Have 240 employees in 5 cities across South Africa.

Value Proposition

Our simple strapline of “Going the Extra Smile” is as much a promise to our members and clients as it is a rallying call internally. Everything that we do at Salt EB is geared to make our members and clients smile, including:

  • Process innovation.
  • Contemporary technology.
  • Exacting performance standards.
  • Caring, open culture.
  • Ease of doing business with us.

When our members and clients smile, we smile!

Corporate and Social Investment (CSI)

Spreading the smile CSI

At the height of COVID, Salt EB joined the battle against hunger.

Two Salt EB projects which made a difference included an association with Rise Against Hunger and a national roadshow to help starving communities.

In the Rise Against Hunger initiative, Salt EB funded 50 000 meals for early childhood development centres across South Africa. The contribution provided about 200 children with five wholesome meals a week for an entire year.

The second initiative posed a real challenge to Salt EB as they managed the entire process themselves, making sure that the food hampers reached the people intended. The project was always going to be successful as it was driven by two cornerstones of the Salt EB brand – passionate people supported by precise processes, with the aim of bringing a smile to the people that they engage with.

Driven by CEO Eddie Strydom and HR & Marketing Executive Reshna Ramgovind, the team embarked on a nationwide road trip managing logistics, security, distribution, and making sure that the beneficiaries adhered to COVID protocols and never had to queue for long in the rain or sun. From the outset, Strydom insisted that the food provided be of the highest quality, a reflection of how Salt EB values people.