A smile.

Funeral fund

A smile.

Can you imagine a company where processes and systems are designed to make their members smile? Where our people are selected, trained, and managed to bring a smile to people’s faces? A company built around the simple premise of making others smile. We can imagine it. It’s called Salt Employee Benefits.

Members engage with us for their retirement fund or funeral fund payouts but of ten, they’re talking to us because they’re the beneficiary of a loved one who has passed. Or they’ve been retrenched and need to access their funds. It is not a transaction filled with joy.

Our purpose is to make their life easier. It’s not always easy though. Forms can be absent or incomplete, incorrect information is of ten provided. And we must be 100% accurate to ensure that the correct person receives benefits, and that both the member and Salt EB comply with legislation.

Our people – we call them Salties – understand what our members are going through. Because we’ve all been through times when we too have been vulnerable. And so, we connect with our members and strive to complete an engagement with a smile on the faces of our member and the Saltie.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a smile can be a competitive advantage.

Reshna Ramgovind
Head HR & Communications