A positive future for employees

Pension fund

A positive future for employees

Employees with benefits are more likely to feel valued which can lead to loyalty, improved productivity, and higher job satisfaction. And having a good benefits package can also help you to attract the talent needed to grow your company.

But this is only half of the picture.

A News24 article reported on a recent Sanlam survey which indicated that:

  • Only 36% of respondents have retirement funds.
  • Only 7% of retirees feel comfortably prepared for retirement.
  • Only 52.1% of respondents bet ween 55 and 59 have a retirement plan or pension fund.
  • Only 17.6% of 25 – 29-year-olds have a retirement plan.

The key word here is ‘only’ which we can extend to ‘if only’.

If only employees were exposed to retirement benefits at an early stage, this bleak picture could look very different and employees might feel more positive about their futures.

Group retirement and risk benefits are not only available to large companies but also smaller companies through umbrella funds, removing the complexity of smaller companies having to manage retirement funds.

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